About Us

We Service the Death Gap

Social Ground Force was established in 2014 to tackle a gap in existing Mental Health Services caused by Addiction. Essentially the gap in services is the passage of time from when the sufferer calls out for help to when they actually get help. Some of those crying out for help could not suffer this passage of time and as a result lives were lost by suicide or other methods.

Aubrey Melville the founder and CEO of Social Ground Force recognised that it was essential to form a new and unique type of service to address this gap in services.

As a result of this The Circle of Recovery was created, this has transformed the lives of many of its participants. Their lives and the lives of their families have seen in many cases almost miraculous changes in individuals who were once called hopeless cases, now they live and work in their communities perfectly normal happy family lifestyles.

This service should be made available to all who seek recovery from a disease of the mind and body, this disease is twofold in nature, therefore the recovery has to be twofold in practice.

Our Team

Aubrey Melville


John Flemming

Administration Director

William Black

Project Manager

Rory McGowan