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We are not government funded and each and every penny that we raise goes back into our core function…..saving lives

FACT: A average of 527 suicides per year since 2001

A shocking number of lives lost. Even more shocking when we look beyond statistics. When we consider each and every one included in these figures was not just a statistic but, had a name, a family and a chance of a future if a positive and timely intervention could have been afforded to them.

FACT: 65 percent of suicides are related to Addiction

Suicide is tearing this country apart especially in rural Ireland, statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) state clearly.

  • The current mainstream scientific and medical view is that alcoholism is a disease, although some debate on this topic still occurs.
  • They have estimated that the risk of suicide when a person is currently abusing alcohol is eight times greater than if they were not abusing alcohol.
  • A rescent report from the UK Mental Health Foundation states that as many as 65% of suicides were related to excessive drinking, and identifies alcohol problems as one of the highest risk factors for suicide.
  • That report identifies a strong link between alcohol use and thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts and completed suicides among young people under the age of 24.

Fact: If no one educates you you'll never know

The time spent in rehabilitation centres is inevitably going to go to waste if the individual has not had enough time to address the very basics of normal living. Many cannot achieve basic personal and general hygiene, neighbourhood skills, some suffer anxiety attacks with the very thought of  filling out any sort of official forms, reading, writing, dealing with Courts, Probation Services, TUSLA, Marital or Relationship Issues and many others.

Along with the basics described above we have designed an educational program that will set the individual on a path to understanding the TRUTH about their addiction.

FACT: Without positive outcomes knowledge is useless

We develop comprehensive support services that will suit the individual concerned, including self help groups, one on one service, group meetings. we will be working closely with our strategic partners.

We will facilitate through our strategic partners confidence building programs such as; . education on their finance, cooking skills, develop social skills such as; gardening, walking, sports, dancing, going to the theatre or cinema, attending conventions, all part of an in house program.

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