Aim and Objectives of Secondary Care and Education Center

What is it for; To reduce the exceptionally high volume of Suicides caused by Addiction, this project aims to provide a safe haven for those seeking recovery, post rehabilitation treatment and act as a supported step up facility, enabling residents to plan and move towards a more long term housing solution in a safe and supported environment. The development of 24 self contained units, for those seeking to enhance their recovery through our real life environment, enabling the participants to deal with real life situations.

Why is this Facility is required; There is no other program in the North West offering ‘Dry House’ educational integration programs in order to protect those in recovery going forward with their life goals. Our self contained units will be a safe haven providing, peace of mind, constant companionship with other like minded residents, the common room will used to nurture self esteem and confidence building programs.

Why In Sligo; Sligo is the center of the North West, having the largest population yet there is no facilities like this for Mental Health Issues caused by Addiction. This unique and essential service has been recognised by experts in this field (documents attached) and has a potential to change the way Mental Health Issues caused by Addiction are treated.

Why in this location; This facility will compliment the already existing two wet house facilities on the same road, offering their residents an opportunity to go forward and take the next step into a life of mind altering free environment. This road already has a social aspect to it for many years which also houses a traveller housing complex.

The core of this project is that it is a Dry House, it will have a strict code of conduct and guide lines for those who avail of this service, and there will be a contract of entry with strict emphasis on the consequences of relapse. At the time of writing, no other facilities offering this extensive service of phase, 1 & 2 of recovery in the North West.

Connection to other facilities; This location because of its close  proximity to complimentary facilities such as; A. Main Bus and Train Stations, B. Post Office and Banks C. Sligo IT and the ETB in Quay Street D. All 12 Step Recovery Meetings E. Health and psychiatric Services.

Why 25 Units; The reality is, there is a huge demand for this type of service throughout the country never mind the North West, during the initial planning stages carried out by the developer and his architect, it was envisaged that this site could accommodate twenty five units. As with the other social facilities on the same road, parking facilities required are minimum due to the fact that this project would only require five parking spaces.