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Immediate face to face Help

Ensuring through our unique service that within hours…..NOT weeks….NOT months, the client receives immediate face to face help

Safe Environment Housing

We have instigated, with the help of a major construction developer, a program of Safe Environment Housing.



We have developed a unique education program. Designed to educate the client, the clients family and the community on the TRUTH about suicide ideation and connection between this and addiction. We believe education is the foundation from which the client can find a sustainable recovery.

Reintegration on a community and social level

We have identified a major hurdle on the journey of sustainable recovery. That is the lack of a social scene for those in recovery. We are in the process of seeking strategic partners in the communities and businesses to work with us on the plans we have for our reintegation projects.

Helping Clients All Over the World

We have worked with and assisted clients not only in Ireland, but also in America and Europe.

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Established and Projected Projects


Safe accomodation

As a result of a successful direct intervention with a young man who had serious Mental Health Issues caused by Addition, the family approached Social Ground Force to see in what way they could give back to our charity in thanks for what we had given to them; their son back.

After going through our vision for the future and the Circle of Recovery, the family offered us the opportunity to pick the tenants for a block of apartments that they had coming on stream.

Social Ground Force, would not make any money directly or indirectly from this agreement, what we do have is direct decision making for permanent housing for some of our service users who had chosen to live a life style free from mind altering substances.

As a result of this, on the 24th of December 2018, we gave keys to three homeless men and in January the other three apartments were distributed, with a shaky start we can confirm that this has been 100% successful for those who made the decision to live.

Testimonies from the tennants will follow

New Proposal for 24 appartment complex in Sligo

What is it for;

To reduce the exceptionally high volume of Suicides caused by Addiction, this project aims to provide a safe haven for those seeking recovery, post rehabilitation treatment and act as a supported step up facility, enabling residents to plan and move towards a more long term housing solution in a safe and supported environment. The proposed development of 24 self contained units, for those seeking to enhance their recovery through our real life environment, enabling the participants to deal with real life situations..

 Why is this Facility is required;

There is no other program in the North West offering ‘Dry House’ educational integration programs in order to protect those in recovery going forward with their life goals. Our self contained units will be a safe haven providing, peace of mind, constant companionship with other likeminded residents, the common room will used to nurture self esteem and confidence building programs.

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