Solicitor Testimony

Tom MacSharry


To Whom It May Concern,

Re: Social Ground Force, No. 3 Charles Street, Sligo.

Dear Sir/Madam,

In relation to the above, in my capacity as a Solicitor I have witnessed first hand the fantastic and invaluable work that has been carried out by Social Ground Force in helping individuals, families and indeed the community in general who have been affected or touched by addiction in all of its forms. The benefits of this service to all of the above are unique and in most cases successful in their approach to mental health issues caused by addiction. This is a vital service and I would recommend all and any support including financial support which can be given to keep Social Ground Force in operation.

Social Ground Force is an essential life saving service and it is extremely accessible to its service users as there is no appointment needed and it offers an immediate response to any one who is seeking help whether it is for themselves or for advice, help and guidance for a family member or a loved one who is in the grip of an addiction. Addiction is known as the ‘Family Disease’ as it has a ripple effect which spreads through families and creates untold and numerous problems, this service reaches out to the family members also and helps them to cope. There is no waiting list to be seen by the service which is phenomenal and in a lot of cases can mean the difference between life and death.

Service users can access a para counselling service, education and support, assistance in all other aspects of the service users journey into recovery including legal issues, probation services, access to transport to rehabilitation centres nationwide and appointments as well as help in securing accommodation and access to regular self help groups.

Another very important service provided by Social Ground Force is the access provided to safe housing which creates continuity of recovery in a safe and sober environment which is essential to the recovery of anyone seeking to recover from mental health issues caused by addiction which in turn is inmany cases the prevention of suicide.

To avoid unnecessary delay in replying, please quote our File reference on all correspondence

Vat No. IE6665837V

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